Here is an overview over some of the artifacts I generated over time:

Bond Data Visualisation
To try out Bokeh, the data visualisation framework, I built a tool to collect and display information on recent bond trading activity in the Eurozone based on MiFID APA data

SAYGO pitch deck
During the MBA we developed a startup business plan for financing solar installations - here is a pitch deck outlining the idea

Driven large contact angle droplets on heterogeneous substrates
Europhysics Letters, 2012

PhD thesis
A good amount of content did not make it into papers, but can be found here

PhDnet Survey
Back in the day, I also worked with some other PhD students on a survey concerning the working conditions of PhD students in the Max Planck Society, collecting in total 1800 responses

Fokker-Planck Model for Highway Traffic
The article in EPJ B containing part of the work from my Master thesis

Flp recombinase based timer
A fun genetic engineering project I was involved in during my studies